‘Elvis’ directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Austin Butler in the lead  has been released.

It is a biopic on the life of American popstar ‘Elvis Presley’, regarded as  one of the most influential  music icons in history.

Austin Butler has completely made the viewer believe that he is indeed the ‘King of Rock n Roll’ Elvis Presley.

The movie is filled with thrill and moments that keep the viewer engaged to one of the best  cinematic pieces of recent times.

The movie is not just restricted to Elvis Presley’s career, but also about his personal life and childhood.

Austin Butler, who plays the lead role of Elvis Presley remains the highlight of the film.

Witnessing one of the greatest careers of all time, the film will make you  fall in love with it.

This is for the first time that a film has been made on one of the greatest artists that has ever been born.

The performances, the direction and the story in itself makes Elvis a complete biopic.

Do not miss this absolute masterpiece on the life of the great Elvis Presley.