Will Smith's much awaited film Emancipation is  now streaming  on Apple TV & in cinemas as well.

Emancipation stars Will Smith in lead role with Ben Foster, Charmaine Bingwa in support.

It revolves around Will Smith's character 'Peter', an African-American enslave, who escapes from Louisiana to freedom in the 1860s.

Emancipation  is inspired by the photos of "Whipped Peter," taken during a Union Army medical examination in 1863.

Now if we talk about the story, then being honest, it's average yet it derives emotions & sympathy & anger  within you.

However, things look forced and sometimes you'll find that things  are overdone & that's where  we got disappointed.

Performances are decent. Will Smith completely owns the show. Other actors are also effective in their roles.

Now if we talk about whether it's a bold contender for oscar or not then for us It's NOT. It has various flaws.

Overall, Emancipation is a good movie that plays with your emotions but it's not a very great slavery movie.  We have seen better.

Team Kiddaan rates Emancipation  3 stars our of 5.