Despite eyeing Indian market for 3 years, electric vehicles pioneer Tesla is still unable to launch its cars in India.

Tesla is unable to do so due to an impasse with the Centre over import duties and local manufacturing.

Tesla’s plan to enter the Indian market has been put on hold since 2019 due to the high import taxes on electric vehicles.

Tesla's Founder & CEO Elon Musk insists centre to slash import duties first.

Indian Govt. may consider lowering import duty along with offering other sops

But for that, Tesla has to set up a manufacturing factory in the country.

4 different Indian states have invited Tesla to set up a factory in their provinces, but Musk doesn't seem interested.

India levies a 60% import tax on electric vehicles priced $40k or less, 100% on those priced above $40k.

Which means with 100% import taxes would shell out around Rs 60 lakh for a car.

Musk also tweeted regarding the high import taxes numerous times but still didn't find any solution to launch his brand in the country.

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