The Wonder, an engaging psychological period drama movie released on Netflix.

With a cast of Florence Pugh, Tom Burke, Kíla Lord Cassidy & Niamh Algar among others The Wonder  is one of the most hyped  movies of the year.

The plot of the movie revolves around Lib (Florence), an english nurse, who is sent to an Irish rural village in 1892.

There, Lib has to observe a young girl, Anna (Kíla), who has not eaten  for over 4 months.

Amid a thrilling drama, Lib tries multiple ways, uses facts to tackle  the fasting of Anna.

Anna has her own reasons related to the death of her brother that forced her to fasten for so long.

In the end, there's a scene when Lib burns her house & claims that Anna has died in the fire.

After that, Lib, William & Nan move to Australia & pretends to be one family.

But the twist comes later in the movie when Lib is seen at a ship, looking at her food and begins to eat &  the scene fades…

This proves Anna has fought his fears & insecurities. She might have accepted the facts behind  her hollow faith.