Gaurav Taneja Popularly known as Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja is a successful Youtuber and influencer with about Rs 30-cr net worth.

Ranveer Allahbadia A social media entrepreneur, Beer Biceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia has a net worth of Rs 45-cr.

Kusha Kapila Known for her comic videos and amazing humor, social media personality Kusha Kapila has a net worth of Rs 20-cr.

Komal Pandey Komal Pandey is one of the top fashion influences on social media. Her estimated net worth is Rs 30-cr.

Dolly Singh Dolly Singh is a well known social media content creator who posts hilarious stuff. Her net worth is around Rs 1 cr.

Kritika Khurana That Boho Girl aka Kritika Khurana holds a good amount of followers on Instagram and has a net worth of approximately Rs 15-cr.

Siddharth Batra Instagram fashion model and actor Siddharth Batra is known for his styling game whose net worth is around Rs 10-30 cr.

Aashna Shroff With over 937K followers on Instagram, Aashna Shroff is another successful influencer. She holds a net worth of approximately Rs 37-cr.

Diipa Buller Khosla Diipa Khosla, a fashion and beauty influencer is another Instagram sensation whose estimated net worth is between Rs 10 and Rs 30-cr.

Saloni Chopra And Indian-born Australian actress, author, model and influencer,  Saloni Chopra has a net worth  of Rs 10-30 cr.

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