Google maps's latest updates has made searching for nearby EV fast chargers much easier.

The new Google Maps feature makes it easier for EV owners to find charging stations that best serve their needs.

Google Maps users can now find stations with chargers rated 50kW or higher for a faster top-up on the map.

Users can now also choose to see search results based on the charging plugs that are compatible  with their car.

In order to access this new feature, first of all users need to search for “EV charging stations” on the Maps app.

Then a new option will pop up below to allow you to specify what charger you prefer, select the “Fast charge”.

The new feature not only allows you to choose the charger’s power, but also the type of plug.

There appear options between CCS, J1772, Tesla or CHAdeMo, in order to narrow down the search even more.

This new feature has been added to the app for both Android &  iOS devices.

In order to use it, users need to have the latest version installed  on your device.