Google will soon be launching its  new Pixel Tablet globally.

Prior to its launch, details related to its specs have been tipped by an Android researcher Kuba Wojciechowski.

According to Kuba, Google Pixel Tablet will be powered by Google Tensor  g2 chipset.

Google is likely to bring the Pixel Tablet in a single high end variant  8GB of RAM & 256GB of storage only.

The same report also suggests that the Pixel Tab will come with a 2560x1600 CSoT display with an RT4539  LED driver.

Kuba via a tweet also explained that the RT4539 is a 6-channel LED driver used for driving the backlight  layer on LCDs.

Which means the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet could have an LCD display.

The Pixel tablet is likely to feature two docks with one of them having a speaker, whereas the other supports charging by default.

Google is yet to reveal any details about its Pixel Tab yet.

However, Google Pixel Tablet is expected to be priced higher than other rival Android tablets.