The new iPhone 16 is now reaching the hands of iPhone lovers but a problem occurred that created panic among  the customers.

Reportedly, many buyers have activated their new phone, while a major section of buyers have faced  an error in activation of iPhone 14.

The activation failure largely happened after consumers attempted the process while connected to  an open Wi-Fi network.

As per the reports, this failure in complete activation occurred due  to a bug. Here's the solution  to fix the problem.

During the setup process, when the phone prompts users to connect to a Wi-Fi network, users should connect  to a secure home wi-fi network  to avoid the failure.

Another easy way to fix the issue is to update the phone to the newest version of iOS.

If the issue persists even after updating the phone, users need  to open the "Settings" app and  tap on "Cellular."

Next, select the "Messages" option &  then tap on "Send & Receive."

In the next step, choose the number you want to use with Messages.

Repeat the same procedure with FaceTime, & you'll once again have access to all iPhone 14 features  in full working order.