All of us have a lot of old & unnecessary emails in  your Gmail inbox.

Which ultimately fills up the free storage space provided by Google.

The search engine giant only offers a total of 15GB free storage space for all the Google accounts.

Though an email occupies a very small place, collectively they can.

Once the free cloud storage space is full, users are required to pay ₹1,100/year for 100GB.

So, if you don't want to pay a single penny, keep deleting emails to clean your Gmail inbox. So here's the steps to clean your  Gmail inbox.

Step 1: Open your Gmail & type has: attachment larger:10 M in  the search bar.

Step 2: All the mails with the size of more than 10 MB will appear  in the mailbox.

Step 3: Select all those which are not important or whom you  want to delete.

Step 4: Now tap on delete button & head to the Trash folder, press 'Empty Trash' button, your  inbox is cleared.