Instagram's parent organization Meta rolled out several new features.

The Meta owned service announced the new features via a blog  post on Tuesday.

Instagram's new features include notes, candid stories, group profiles, collaborative collections & more.

The first feature is called Notes, & will allow users to create a short post of  up to 60 characters, with  text and emoji.

The notes feature will let users update their friends using text & emoji and replies to notes will arrive as DMs.

Users can now select the followers they follow back or others from their existing “Close Friends” list  to share notes with.

Once shared, the note will appear at the top of their friends' inboxes  for 24 hours.

Apart from Notes, another feature is Candid stories

This feature allows users to click a candid photo from the story's camera & share the real-time activity with their friends & followers.

Another feature is Group profiles that enables users to create and join a profile to share posts & stories  in a specific group.