According to the internet, Lamar Odom is probably dating a trans woman named Danielle Alexis.

However, it has not been confirmed but there’s considerable smoke.

The rumours are saying that 42-year old Lamar Odom, dating Daniielle, who looks just like his ex-wife  Khloé Kardashian.

Daniielle Alexis, is an Australian model and actor that is also a trans woman.

However, the former basketball player has openly admitted that he is a heterosexual male.

This news got the spark after Alexis posted a photo with his rumored boyfriend Lamar Odom.

She quoted her post with the caption that reads, “One of the most beautiful humans I’ve met.”

Netizens seem divided on the Odom-Alexis relationship rumor. Some says it's a random appreciation post while the other section of internet is saying 'something is cooking'

However, Neither Alexis nor Lamar Odom have commented on the relationship rumors.

Well, if they are really dating or all this is just fabricated news, we'll get to know in some time for sure.