Spotify could launch a new version of its service called Spotify Hi-Fi  anytime soon.

Spotify has been working on its Hi-Fi streaming plan for a few years  but never launched.

If the information about the recently released study regarding the streaming platform is accurate,  that may change very soon.

With the new Hi-Fi plan Spotify appears to be planning to charge  more for its service than Apple.

Three Spotify options, including Spotify Free, Personal, &  Platinum  or Hi-Fi, are discussed in the survey  that was released this week.

As per the recent reports, the Spotify Hi-Fi or Platinum plan, which costs $19.99 (about ₹1600) per month.

This plan contains a number of additional features that the company believes justifies a higher price tag.

Users of this plan will additionally have access to features including Studio Sound, Library Pro, Playlist  Pro, & Audio Insights.

However, the new spotify plan has not been announced, but could be launched in the upcoming months.

The plan would be priced differently in countries like India, maybe closer  to ₹500 based on customary  pricing practices.