Jack Ryan Season 3 has been officially released for the audience.

The story revolves around the same old American plot - fighting Russians.

The titular hero is up against Russians who are trying to bring back the Soviet Republic to existence.

Some Russian loyalists have revived the Sokol Project, a Cold War-era secret plan to strengthen and  revive the USSR.

Jack Ryan, an analyst-turned-agent of the CIA, discovers the threat, but has to fight alone as nobody believes him.

The first two seasons on Amazon  Prime Video were loved by the  audience, mainly due to lead  star John Krasinski.

The writing of Season 3 is as good as it could be, with some brilliant  action pieces.

The Season 3 is set to be streaming online from December 21 on  Amazon Prime Video.

The show is a good one, with amazing action at some points.

However, the same old Russian bogeyman seems to be stuck with American series makers.