Punjabi movie Jind Mahi has finally released in theaters, it stars Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria in  the lead roles.

Apart from the leads, actors Raj Shoker & Baninder Bunny starred in the pivotal roles in the movie.

Ajay’s rich-urban character falls in love with a rural soul Laddo which results in some unexpected  turns in the movie.

The film is based on various love stories and several unusual turns, which even make a triangular love base among the characters.

Talking about the acting, only Sonam Bajwa has lived upto the expectations and did a commendable job among  other lead actors.

Jind Mahi tries to bring up a heartwarming love story but the poor direction and writing didn’t allow it to deliver the same.

The musical department is one such area where the film doesn’t lack and we can get to hear some  beautiful songs.

At some points, the film reminds us of popular movies like Jab We Met and Rockstar & the dialogues too seem to be not highly affecting.

The screenplay of Jind Mahi looked dragged at some points which made it too boring for the viewers  to watch it.

Sonam Bajwa can only be the reason if you are really keen to watch this movie otherwise you would get disappointed.