Johnny Depp- Amber Heard case gets a shocking twist as the undisclosed court documents hints at Depp's erectile dysfunction.

There's some new evidence that weighs badly on Johnny Depp after he won a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard.

A media outlet, The Daily Beast, has done an investigation on the undisclosed court  documents.

The investigation revealed some alleged details that reflect Depp & his legal team in rather poor light.

Amber Heard's legal team had argued that the digital pictorial & audio evidence submitted by Johnny Depp seemed modified.

The metadata of the same indicated discrepancy in dates, which is quite crucial in  the case.

Heard's team argued that the recordings produced were altered, & this tampered version was allegedly presented as evidence.

Amber Heard's team has claimed that the photos produced by Depp showing injury marks did not happen when the two were in a relationship.

They also claimed that the court granted Depp the opportunity to not present any evidence relating to Marilyn Manson.

The documents also hint at shocking intimation that Johnny Depp might be suffering from erectile dysfunction.