Johnny Depp is amongst one of the most well-known & successful actors of this generation.

Depp is also known for his spending habits, buying a lot of expensive things throughout his life. So, here's the list of most expensive things he owns

Rolls Royce Wraith- Depp bought his car for around $328k and is one of the top luxury vehicles.

Private Jet- The jet itself is an incredibly expensive thing to purchase, but then it also costs Depp $200k monthly for maintenance.

Wine- Depp is a fan of good quality wine & he spends $30k  per month on it.

Penthouses- Johnny Depp actually owns 5-penthouses, which he purchased for around $7.2M.

French Village- Plan De La Tour in southern France is now home to a revitalised Depp village. Purchased for an estimated $10M.

Private Island- Depp owns one that he’s nicknamed “F*ck Off Island,” which is around $5.35M.

Amphitrite yacht- Later sold to J.K. Rowling, Depp owned this $22M yacht with ex-wife Amber Heard.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star has bought some incredible & expensive things in his time.