Train To Busan makers are back with a new sci-fi thriller titled 'Jung_E'.

Jung_E is a Korean film which is streaming on Netflix from  January 20.

Jung E is set in the 22nd century's earth which is no longer inhabitable due to climate change.

Amid the chaos and tension, a civil war breaks out in the shelters  built to survive.

With a lot of things happening around, the movie ends at an emotional point. What's it? Watch Jung_E to know.

Movie's has an unconventional story that breaks all the expectations & is nothing less than a treat to watch.

Yeon Sang-ho again pulled off a masterpiece. He literally gave his 100% & anything less than would have been a disappointment for fans.

Action choreography is outstanding. There are a number of scenes that  will blow your mind for sure.

Overall, Jung_E is probably the best thing to watch on Netflix for you this weekend. Just tune in & enjoy.

Team Kiddaan rates Jung_E 4 stars  out of 5.