Yash-starrer Blockbuster KGF:  Chapter 2 took forward the  story of Rocky & KGF

KGF: Chapter 2 ended with Rocky’s death scene & Chapter 3 announcement.

The fans are curious as to how the story will proceed after the death of the main character Rocky.

The post credit scene revealed that Rocky’s business was not only limited to India, but overseas too.

The scene opened the doors for immense possible ways the story could proceed in the KGF: Chapter 3.

The first theory is that Chapter 3 will bust all about Rocky’s international rackets & businesses.

The craziest theory is that Rocky might survive the missile attack in Chapter 2’s ending & might not actually be dead.

Another prediction claims that the Indian & US army could team up to find & capture Rocky & his businesses.

The craziest prediction is that KGF: Chapter 3 will unveil a hidden world of Gold, a hidden KGF in the US!

The makers of KGF revealed that they are trying to make an MCU-like universe in Chapter 3, so we can surely expect big things this time.

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