Kiran Bedi apologized to sikh community after cracking a  poor joke on them.

During the launch event of her new book “Fearless Governance”, she purposely cracked a joke on sikhs.

The controversy erupted after the video went viral over the internet.

She was accused by the AAP on Tuesday for hurting the  sentiments of sikhs..

AAP’s Punjab In-charge Jarnail Singh tweeted “When the Mughals were looting India and abducting women, the Sikhs fought them and protected sisters and daughters. 12 o'clock was the time to attack the Mughals. This is the history of 12 o'clock”

“Shame on the BJP's leaders who have a cheap mentality and make fun of Sikhs instead of giving them respect," Singh added.

Kiran replied ' I did not intend to hurt anyone's sentiments'.

She added “We did path and seva the same morning, I am a devotee.”

After being trolled over the internet, she requested not to use abusive words, so she could take action.

But no warning seems to be working in her favour as she continues receiving hate on social media.

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