Kylie Jenner teased the return of her iconic King Kylie era on twitter.

She asked the fans what they would like to see from a potential collaboration between Kylie Cosmetics  & King Kylie.

Kylie embraced her youth demographics & utilizing social media to build  her brand.

Around 2014, Kylie started getting lip fillers & launched her Kylie Jenner lip kits under Kylie Cosmetics in.

The King Kylie era took place between 2014-16 & was one of the most iconic chapters within KarJenner history.

She tweeted, "if i just so happen to do a King Kylie collection what products would u guys like to see."

Eventually most replies were from fans who were very excited about a potential joint venture.

King Kylie was an era that fans can never forget. Jenner was at the height of fame with a newfound confidence in herself.

She made a name for herself & no one saw her as Kim Kardashian's younger  sister anymore but  as her own brand.

Like most things, it's hard to recreate an era so iconic & loved by fans, but it deserves a try  at least.