Here’s a list of the features of iPhone 14 that Android has had for a while.

Multiple Stops In Maps In iOS 16, users can quickly add the address of a location & get directions that will let them stop there &  then find your way back home.

This feature is new for iPhones but Android has been offering this  feature since 2017.

Email: Schedule, Undo, Remind Later & Follow-up The new iOS 16 is now allowing iPhone users to undo, schedule, remind later & follow-up an email. Gmail has had all these features since 2018.

Apple Live Caption iPhone 14 will have a live caption feature. However, his feature has already been present in android phones since 2019.

Haptic Feedback On Keyboard Apple has introduced haptic feedback on its on-screen keyboard. Android has had this feature for a very long time.

Shared Library iOS 16 lets you create shared photo libraries based either on a date or on who is in the photos. Google photos already had this feature.

Always-On Display Apple introduced this feature that lets you glance at the time & widgets  on a locked screen.

Android users have been enjoying this feature for a long time.