Mahindra unveiled five new electric SUV concepts  on Monday.

These electric SUV's concepts are based on the brand new INGLO Platform.

The ‘IN’ in INGLO platform stands for Indian and ‘GLO’ stands for global.

These Mahindra e-SUVs will be called BE.05, BE.07, BE.09,  XUV.e8, and XUV.e9.

The XUV brand will host the electric versions of the current range of products whereas the BE brand will have the all-new electric SUV offerings.

Now, coming to the five SUVs unveiled by Mahindra, BE.05, BE.07, and BE.09 will come under the BE brand.

Whereas, XUV.e8 and XUV.e9, as the name suggests, will fall under the XUV brand.

The XUV.e8 will launch in Dec 2024 & the XUV.e9 will launch in  April 2025.

The BE.05  & BE.07 will launch in October 2025 & October 2026 respectively, while the launch date for the BE.09 is yet to be decided.

Mahindra’s new Heartcore design philosophy for these e-SUV is a blend of unmissable presence, inner strength, & attitude.