Marvel Entertainment has just announced the release of a documentary on the life  of Stan Lee.

Marvel has announced the release of The Stan Documentary on Disney Plus.

On Wednesday, Marvel tweeted a 25-second video confirming the release  of a Stan Lee documentary on  Disney+ in 2023.

The news coincides with the 100th birthday of the legendary late  comic creator.

“100 years of dreaming. 100 years of creating. 100 years of Stan Lee,” Marvel Entertainment wrote in a caption of the video teaser.

In the teaser video, a few of Lee’s minor roles & guest appearances  in MCU movies are seen.

Lee is most known for developing adored characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, the Avengers, & more.

He often got the credits of creating Avengers while working with other writer-artists like Jack Kirby  & Steve Ditko.

Lee left Marvel in the 1990s but served as an executive producer  on Marvel-produced films & gave  many cameo appearances.

Stan Lee passed away on November 12, 2018 & this documentary must  be a delight for his fans.