Kyra, a virtual Indian Instagram influencer, has become the first of its kind to hit 100k followers.

While she might appear as an attractive young fashionista to you, she is not human.

She is a virtual influencer, which means that she has no physical existence in the world, rather only virtual existence.

She goes by the username 'kyraonig'  on Instagram.

Created by TopSocial, Kyra is claimed to be India's first ever Meta-Influencer, meaning, an influencer in the Metaverse.

She is a 22-year old from Delhi,  who loves to travel.

Her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her posing in different outfits and at vacation spots  around the world.

The makers claim that they are working on new AI for Kyra, that would enable her to study social media trends and follow them autonomously.

She was first introduced in  January, 2022.

The company aims at collaborating with international fashion  brands with Kyra.

Kamal Hassan's most anticipated movie "Vikram" is released at the box office.

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