Facebook parent company Meta has unveiled a new high-end virtual reality headset called Meta Quest Pro.

Meta launched the new VR headset on Tuesday with the hope that people will soon be using it to work & play in the still-elusive place called the "Metaverse."

This Pro headset sports high-resolution sensors that let people  see mixed virtual and augmented  reality in full color.

It also has an eye tracking feature and so-called "natural facial expressions".

This feature mimics the wearer's facial movements so their avatars appear natural when interacting with other avatars in virtual-reality environments.

There's a built-in sensors in each controller track their position in 3D space independent of the headset,  that gives a full 360-degree  range of motion.

It is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+platform, 12GB  of RAM, 256GB of Storage.

Facebook parent organisation has announced this Meta Quest Pro VR headset at a price range of $1500.

"Meta is positioning the new Meta Quest Pro headset as an alternative to using a laptop," said Rolf Illenberger, founder & MD of VRdirect.

The new Meta Quest Pro can be purchased in any country from  October 25th.