The much awaited movie of 2022 was undoubtedly, Moh. Starring Sargun Mehta and Gitaz Bindrakhia in the lead roles, the film has now been released.

Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, the film has 2 soulful characters and an unlikely love story.

Rabi, played by Gitaz, falls in love with a girl, Gorey, older than him and this takes the story further that is full  of emotional drama.

Gitaz Bindrakhia has marked his debut in the films by Moh and has done a prolific job in defining himself as an actor through this movie.

On the other hand, Sargun Mehta’s acting is not something to doubt on and she has done one of the finest performances in Moh as Gorey.

Music of the film is another attractive point and we can deny that Jaani and B Praak, along with other singers have done amazingly well in making the music more likable to the situations.

How can we deny the fact that Jagdeep Sidhu is stupendous in dialogue-writing and presenting the  best of the best emotions  through them?

Moh’s dialogues are something to be not forgotten easily and can reside in one’s heart effortlessly. Well, you yourself might say this.

Urdu language has been a great choice in terms of grabbing the ears of the audience and the makers have successfully done that.

The wholesome story writing for Moh has been done by Shiv Tarsem Singh and Govind Singh whereas, the direction is handled beautifully  by Jagdeep Sidhu.

Overall, Moh is a cinematic experience of a tragic and surreal love story, that you shouldn’t afford to not watch.