NASA is pushing back the next launch attempt for its Artemis I  mega moon rocket.

The Artemis I moon rocket will now be launched on September 27.

The Artemis lunar mission team previously had been targeting September 23.

October 2nd is a potential backup  date that is "under review,"  according to NASA.

The reason for pushing back the date by four days is– The September 27 launch window is 70 minutes longer than September 23.

Now, the teams will have more time to prepare for the cryogenic demonstration test, and subsequently more time to prepare for the launch.

Artemis I is an uncrewed test flight. Orion will be carried atop the super-heavy lift rocket, SLS, without any humans in the capsule.

If Artemis I is successful, it will be certified that the SLS & Orion can be used for the other two Artemis missions, which will be crewed flights.

Artemis I will demonstrate the performance of both Orion & SLS and test NASA's capabilities to orbit the Moon and return to Earth.

The duration of Artemis I will be 42 days, 3 hours & 20 minutes.