Punjabi movie Kokka starring Neeru Bajwa & Gurnam Bhullar has been released

The film is based on the love story of a 40 Year Old woman & a man in his mid 20’s

Its story is a good initiative to break stereotypes and present a conventional love story

The acting and performance of Gurnam Bhullar & Neeru Bajwa excel at points but also feel overacted at some points 

Baljinder Kaur, who plays Akaal’s (Gurnam) mother in the film steals the limelight with her well-written character

Kokka’s music is average as some songs in its playlist is really amazing, but the background fails to impress. 

Despite being amazing actors, the spark was missing in Gurnam-Neeru chemistry

Santosh Subhash Thite & Bhanu Thakur could have directed the story written by Rupinder Inderjit

Fans can easily catch technical abruptions in camera work, stability, dubbing & quality

Overall, Kiddaan rated Kokka 3.5 stars out of 5