Video streaming platform Netflix has announced a new 'Profile Transfer' feature.

This Profile Transfer feature will allow users to transfer their profile data from one Netflix account to another.

In simpler words, if you are currently watching Netflix content via a profile on someone else's account, you will be able to carry your Netflix data when you get your own membership.

Netflix announced the new Profile Transfer feature via a blog post.

It said that the ‘much requested’ feature has started rolling out  to users across the globe.

"Today, we’re launching Profile Transfer, a feature that lets people using your account transfer a  profile," the post read.

Once the feature is available for an account, Netflix will notify the  user by an email.

Transferring a profile in Netflix can be done in a few simple steps. These are–

Open Netflix & go to the “Transfer Profile" option- The feature will appear when you hover over your profile icon.

Next,  follow the on-screen instructions. In case one wishes to turn off the profile transfer feature,  they can also do so from the  account settings at any time.