1899, Netflix's mystery thriller, has been cancelled after one season.

In a statement on Instagram, 1899's creators Baran bo Odar & Jantje  Freise confirmed the news.

They confirmed that the ambitious multilingual series was no longer expanding on its arc.

They also apologized to the fans who had been waiting and theorizing about the show's many unsolved puzzles.

The creator duo didn't reveal the exact reason for the cancellation of  the show.

1899 is a german multilingual thrilling series created by the makers of Dark, a blockbuster sci-fi series.

1899 debuted on November 17, 2022 on Netflix.

1899's story was based on terrifying & mysterious events with a European emigrant  group traveling to a  new continent, who met with  another ship of migrants.

In its first week of release, 1899 cracked the streamer's Top 10  charts, garnering 79.27 million  hours of watch time.

All eight episodes of the thriller web series are currently streaming  on Netflix.