Only Murders in the Building is back with its new season alongside its familiar quirky & colorful approach.

The show hasn't wasted any time in demonstrating that the second season is tougher, in its usual comical way, relating the show to the 2nd  season of the podcast.

The show released its first two episodes on June 28, 2022, continuing the story from the big cliffhanger in the previous season's finale.

The two episodes were enough to establish that the second season of the show is not likely to slow down or take a breath, but will try to outdo  the brilliant first season.

The 1st episode, titled "Persons of Interest", began with the now-famous murder podcast trio getting arrested for the murder of Bunny, the Board President of Arconia.

Bunny was found stabbed in Mabel's apartment. Mabel is a mysterious character who keeps some secrets  & some revelations to herself.

In the 2nd episode, titled Framed. The chemistry between Oliver (Martin Short), Charles (Steve Martin), and Mabel (Selena Gomez) supported  the story well.

The new season kicked off on an interesting note and managed to stay that way for the entirety of  the two episodes.

Undoubtedly, this accusation & arrest will lead the three to go on another crime-solving adventure, this time  to clear their names.

Not much was shown in the first two episodes yet the mystery gets more complex but it will most likely expand the story with Charles in the centre.

At times, the second season's rapid start overshadows the original one. So for now, Only Murders in the Building season 2 is an absolute success.