Popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream reveals his face for the first time.

For years, the content creator has shielded his true face from the audience, presenting himself  solely as a smiley face figure.

But on October 2, Dream introduced his 30.6 million subscribers  to his real face.

"Hi, I'm Dream, and this is what I look like," the YouTuber wrote  underneath his video."

"After years of being completely faceless online, I finally decided to do a face reveal," he further added.

YouTuber Dream is actually a  23-year-old named Clay.

Dream has been teasing to reveal  his face for over a week.

After revealing his face for the first time he also explained his decision to rip off the mask.

Dream said. "And it's 'cause George, he's my best friend, he's been in the U.K. trying to get a visa to come to America to come move here and move in with me and Sapnap".

"George is going to be in the airport, and I'm going to meet him for the first time. I've known him so long, it feels like my entire life," he added.