Directed and written by Rana Ranbir, Posit stars Prince Kanwaljit, Babbal Rai, Surilie Gautam, Vadda Grewal and others in important roles.

It revolves around the different stories of the characters, with a central issue of drug addiction and unemployment among Punjab’s youth.

Prince Kanwaljit (Keeda) was the star of the show and his performance was completely unmatchable in the film.

Vadda Grewal, Babbal Rai & Surilie Gautam too put up amazing performances on the screen.

Rana Ranbir was the other star of the show. His performance as a human-turned-monster by drugs adds intensity to the movie.

However, the plot of the film is the loose side. It has too many open ends and fails to deliver its message.

It also lacks strong dialogues to convey the message. Neither has the problem been described  well nor a solution.

Though Rana Ranbir’s direction made it up for the film, the storyline, the soul of the movie was  the weakest spot.

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The film is also quite lengthy and inconclusive, making the viewer walk confused out of the theatre.

Overall, the film is a one-time good watch for the actor’s performances but fails at conveying its message.

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