Sanvikaa, who played Rinki in Panchayat 2 is winning the hearts of fans with her mesmerising acting.

The character of Rinki had only been referred to in season 1 but not introduced before the season finale.

Thus, fans were waiting more deliberately for Rinki's appearance in Panchayat 2.

Sanvikaa admitted in an interview that she accidentally stumbled into acting.

Sanvikaa has an engineering degree.

She told her parents that she is going to Bangalore for a job but came to Mumbai to pursue an acting career.

She has also worked in TV commercials before doing Panchayat.

Panchayat is his 1st major project & she said the opportunity itself presented to her.

Sanvikaa gained lots of fans after the show, who applauded her for her acting & simplicity.

She has around 93K followers on Instagram & many fan pages too.