Pride Month is here & it is being celebrated worldwide across the globe with gloriousness & dignity.

Every year during June 1 to 30, LGBTQI community & their allies celebrates the month in various ways.

LGBTQI Community- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer &  Intersex Community.

Pride month is a festival for LGBTQI community to proudly celebrate  their identity.

The community recognizes their accomplishments and their struggles in maintaining their equality with the world during the pride month.

They celebrate this month by organizing various events worldwide to spread the idea of equal identity and create awareness globally.

Pride month is also an opportunity to peacefully protest against the harassment the LGBTQ  community has to face.

The celebration also raises political awareness of current issues the community is facing.

Pride Month is celebrated to mark the police raid that prompted the infamous Stonewall riots, which in turn led to the establishment of LGBTQ+ rights.

Pride Month marks the beginning of huge change within the LGBTQI community & the world.

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