Popular for roles in Punjabi movies like Yaar Anmulle Returns, Sikander 2 and more, Nikeet Dhillon’s fake death rumors spreaded all over on 22 Nov.

A story from her official Instagram account was uploaded which  allegedly quoted that Nikeet  Dhillon was no more.

As soon as the story was put up, Punjabi actress’ Nikeet Dhillon  fans got tensed and spreaded  the word of her demise.

However, later some of her close friends and family members updated the audience and said that  Nikeet is perfectly fine.

Her Instagram handle got hacked by unknowns and the story that was uploaded was totally fake  and senseless.

After a few hours, Nikeet Kaur Dhillon came live on her Instagram and updated her fans about her  well being.

She slammed the anonymous hacker who was behind all the chaos  & insensitive IG story.

Telling about the situation at her home, Nikeet revealed that the  fake demise news has made  her family members suffer.

She even said that her grandmother was continuously crying even while talking to her over the phone.

The situation is now handled, Nikeet Dhillon is fit and fine and has even  got her Instagram account back.