Ramarao on Duty opens with some unexpected scenes  at the start.

A day before its release, director Sarath Mandava tweeted "requesting the audiences to come to the theatres with no prior expectations".

Mandava also added "Ramarao on Duty is a content-driven film in ‘Mass Maharaja’ Ravi  Teja style."

He also urged public not to give any spoilers & not to miss the opening scene.

Ravi Teja plays the role of Ramarao who is a Deputy Collector whose violent acts get to be described as controversial moves  by the judiciary.

He is farmer-friendly & maintains a disciplined work culture in the government office.

It is the story of a sincere & honest government officer taking down all the corrupt officials.

The story revolves around red sandalwood smuggling & solving the mystery of  missing people.

The film has so much open ended at the end of the movie, it seems like makers are in no mood to end this soon.

The movie has been disappointing apart from the opening scene, while the movie has no possible ends at the end and looks twisted.