Sai Pallavi starrer Gargi, a crime drama directed by Gautham Ramachandran hits the box office on July 15.

Gargi, played by Sai Pallavi, is the eldest daughter of a middle- class household.

She is a school teacher & the only breadwinner of the family.

At the beginning of the movie, her life seems to be going in  the right direction.

Everything seems to be falling in place for her as her marriage is in the offing with her boyfriend.

In matters of hours, however, things spiral out of control & darkness engulfs her family, as her father, who is 60 years old, is accused  of raping a child.

“Leave the city and go somewhere else,” well-meaning cops advise Gargi, as they know what Gargi’s family will have to deal with  once the news gets out.

She refuses as she knows what her father had been through. “Let the court decide,” she declares.

Overall the film looks quite interesting & touches the emotional sentiments of the public.