Haryanvi dancer & actress, Sapna Choudhary has landed herself  into a legal trouble.

Reportedly, Sapna Choudhary surrendered herself at the ACJM Lucknow court on Monday.

In a fraud case, Chief Judicial Magistrate Shantanu Tyagi had issued the warrant against Sapna.

However, shortly after surrendering, the court withdrew the warrant against Sapna.

The court also released Sapna from custody & has terminated the warrant on the condition that she will cooperate by appearing in  the next court hearing.

Sapna was accused of not performing on a dance show after taking money.

Thousands of tickets for the show were sold but Sapna allegedly  did not reach the club.

The organisers of the show had filed a case against Sapna at Ashiana police station, accusing her of cheating on October 13, 2018.

Thousands of spectators, who had come to see Sapna performing live got furious at being cheated, created a ruckus & demanded refund  for ticket money.

Later, an FIR was lodged against  Sapna Choudhary for cheating  organisers & not refunding  the money they paid to her.