Shahrukh Khan's comeback movie Pathaan hits the cinemas on  January 25.

Pathaan stars Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone  in lead roles.

Helmed by Siddharth Anand, Pathaan is the fourth film of the YRF  spy universe.

Movie's story revolves around Pathaan (Shahrukh), a RAW agent, who is given a mission to track down Jim (John).

Jim is a former RAW agent turned rogue, leading a private terrorist organisation 'Outfit X'. Outfit X is planning a nuclear attack on India.

Will Pathaan with Rubina (Deepika) on his side be able to stop John and Outfit X. This is what the movie is all about.

Story is average, predictable at times but a strong screenplay makes it engaging and entertaining throughout.

Shahrukh with his intensity is brilliant as Pathaan. John as Jim is the best part of the film, he is terrific. Deepika and other actors have also  done a decent job.

Movie's VFx work is outstanding, and the action sequences are a treat to watch. Music & songs are delightful.

Fans are numb right now and showing their pain and grief towards the late comedian on the social media.