The first episode of MCU new superhero series, 'She-Hulk; Attorney At Law' premiered on August 18.

On August 25, the second episode of the new superhero series was released on Disney+ Hotstar in India.

The second episode of the She-Hulk series is titled 'Superhuman Law'.

Episode 1 tells us the origin story of Jennifer/She-Hulk, who doesn't want to become a full time superhero.

Whereas, Episode 2, marks the return of an old MCU supervillain, Abomination.

In the new episode, Jennifer is involved in a fight against Titania (Jameela).

Jen's boss fires her saying she's a liability & that they can’t risk further attacks or the influence of She-Hulk’s presence on a jury.

Jennifer seems worried as she can neither get a job nor take back her public debut as She-Hulk.

The episode ends with Jen calling Bruce for help but he  says he is busy.

Overall, the new episode has not too many details to notice but offers an entertaining & exciting story.