The crime drama series starring Aaditi Pohankar was dropped off on Netflix on 17th June, 2022.

Imtiaz Ali, the film-maker has a mighty start in the industry but after that he follows hit or miss. 'She' follows the miss trend.

The centralised vision of empowering women was completely  missing in season 2.

The sequel is a story of a cop who loses her way in the middle and ends up crossing the line.

In some parts the series seems to be inspired from movies like Narcos  and Breaking Bad.

The villain keeps forecasting us how huge the protagonist is going to be, but in reality, she feels  like a casual player.

The character traits are shown verbally not physically, the characters just swing from one end to another.

Flaws in screenplay & writing can be seen clearly. However Aaditi & Vishwas Kini were quite good  in their roles.

Overall, 'She: Season 2' delivers a very low key performance and a failure in delivering the message.

Kiddaan rates "She:Season 2"  2.5 stars out of 5.

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