A Bollywood biopic has been announced based on the life of legendary actress Madhubala.

She is still considered as the most beautiful and talented actress in the history of  Hindi Cinema.

After the biopic’s announcement news went viral, netizens started dropping suggestions about the perfect-fit actors.

Some Shehnaaz fans believe Shehnaaz can rock the role in an amazing way.

A Shehnaaz fan made a thread of 6 tweets in which she compared Shehnaaz with legendary actress Madhubala.

In the pictures, Shehnaaz can be seen posing in a similar way to Madhubala.

The thread has gone viral and grabbed the attention of netizens and media as well.

Shehnaaz looked beautiful in these pictures, but the makers have not finalized any actor to play the  lead in the biopic.

Madhubala’s charm did not only lie in her beauty but her effortlessly natural and phenomenal acting  skills too.