A new bollywood movie Siya has been released in the cinemas on  September 16.

Siya stars Pooja Pandey(debut) and Vineet Kumar Singh in the lead roles.

The directorial debut Manish Mundra is a fictionalised tale about a woman’s struggle to attain justice against rape.

The story revolves around a 17-years old village girl Siya, who has been gangraped after going missing.

She fights against the odds and pseudo justice system. What does she go through for justice? Does she get justice? This is what the movie  is all about.

Munish Mundra has directed the movie well, however, we felt that he could have worked hard on the ending  of the movie.

The movie's screenplay is slow but effective. Cinematography also helps the movie to go well with the story.

Performances of Pooja and Vineet are the highlight of the movie.

Overall, Siya is a good watch with some flaws that still hit you hard with its storyline and brilliant performances.

Team Kiddaan rates Siya 3.5 stars  out of 5.