Season 2 of the Mega-hit Korean Drama, Squid Game has officially been announced.

Season 1 ended with a lot of unanswered questions and fans have the craziest theories to answer them.

The most popular theory is that Gi-hun, the winner of the game in Season 1, will return to the Game as a guard.

2nd theory: Jun-ho, the cop who infiltrated the games in season 1, isn’t dead and he ends the games.

The next theory claims that Jun-ho sent evidence before dying to the police, and the police stopped the games.

The next theory is an interesting one. It claims the story to be a prequel of season 1.

Another fan-theory claims that the story will take things back to the life of Il-nam, the maker of the games.

Another wild theory claims that the Gi-hun’s loved ones will be put in the games.

The simplest theory speculates that the games will simply take place in a different country, and different kinds of games.

Season 2 is set to release somewhere around in 2023 or 2024.

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