After overly erotic two prequels 365 franchise is back with  third installment titled 'The  Next 365 Days'.

The Next 365 Days is released on Netflix on August 19, 2022.

The third 365 Days movie stars Michele Morrone & Anna-Maria Sieklucka in lead roles.

The Next 365 Days is directed by Barbara Białowąs & Tomasz Mandes.

The story of the third installment revolves around Laura (Anna), who survived the gunshot, being in different places with Massimo (Michele).

The threequel takes off with Laura heading to Portugal, where she has a surprise run-in with Nacho's sister, who persuades her to consider giving him time to explain his side of things.

While Laura & Massimo find it hard to regain their trust & struggle with their relationship, Nacho tries his best to deepen the wedge between them.

What Laura will make her pick at the end of the film is what  is left to see.

Performances & cinematography were all good but the story was pointless, & excessively addition of erotic scenes makes the things worse.

Overall, The Next 365 Days was the poorest part of the  365 Days series due to  pointless story.