Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced for over 11 years in  prison on Friday.

Holmes is convicted of defrauding investors with her Silicon Valley startup firm Theranos.

She was convicted on four felony fraud counts in January for duping  investors over 15 years.

She had promised the investors that the firm had developed a revolutionary medical device.

Holmes' company claimed to make  a compact device that could scan hundreds of diseases with just  a few drops of blood.

As per her prosecutors, Holmes knew her device was not producing reliable results, yet induced dozens of investors to contribute nearly  1 billion dollars.

Holmes rose to Silicon Valley fame after founding Theranos in 2003  at a young age of 19.

She became known for her penchant for wearing Steve Jobs-like  black turtlenecks.

In 2014, Forbes had named Holmes as the world's youngest self-made  woman billionaire.

Holmes, who is pregnant, gets a time to surrender herself until April  next year.