Short video platform TikTok introduces a new feature that actually was a much needed update.

Tiktok has now launched a dislike button in the comment section  under a video.

With this new dislike button, users can show their disapproval towards  any comment.

The new TikTok dislike button's design is very similar to YouTube's down thumb dislike button.

TikTok has informed about this new update via a tweet, where they mentioned that it is an attempt to give creators greater control over their comment section.

The new dislike button will allow other users to identify comments that may be inappropriate or hurtful.

However, the number of dislikes on a comment won’t be publicly shown.

Only the user who delivered a dislike on a comment will be able to see  that they have done so.

Tiktok began testing the feature earlier this year as a part of its ongoing effort to moderate  potentially harmful content.

The disliked comments will appear further down in the comment section and thus will be less visible to both creators and viewers.