A time traveller from the future has predicted something that may change the living pattern of Earthlings.

A self proclaimed time traveller from the future has talked about a meteor crash on earth in a TikTok video.

The person in the video is identified as Eno Alairic whose video got viral in which he claimed himself to  be a Time traveller.

In his TikTok video he has issued 5 warnings for 5 catastrophic events that will seemingly change  the fate of Earth.

As per a report of Sun, Eno suggests Earth is just months away from crashing with a giant meteor.

He also suggested the crash will led humans to have an interaction  with aliens on Earth.

The self proclaimed time traveller has predicted that aliens will land up on Earth on December 8th, this year.

Netizens were left divided by the out-of-this-world predictions by  Eno Alairic.

However, this is not the first time that any self-proclaimed time traveller has issued warnings about the future.

The content creator had earlier predicted the discovery of a 3- ft spider, an 18 ft beast & a  1ft ant, in 2023.