Here's the list of highest paid Hollywood celebrities:

Keanu Reeves Keanu charged $250 Million i.e. ₹1950 Cr. for the role of  Neo in The Matrix.

Will Smith Will is very popular among fans for his brilliant performance in the MIB trilogy. He charged $100 Million i.e. ₹780 Cr. for the 3rd installment.

Tom Cruise To again play his favorite character in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom charged $75 M (₹585 Cr.)

Sandra Bullock Sandra earned a fee of $20 Million i.e. ₹155 Cr. for her outstanding  role in Gravity.

Johnny Depp For Alice in wonderland,  Johnny charged a total fee of  $68 Million/ ₹530 Cr.

Harrison Ford Mr. Ford charged a marvelous amount of $65 Million (₹507 Cr.) for Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of  the Crystal Skull.

Tom Hanks Hanks charged ₹468 Cr. for his 1994 released comedy drama  "Forrest Gump".

Johnny Depp Highest Paid list & Jack Sparrow isn't in the list? Not happening. To play his iconic character in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides, Johnny charged ₹429 Cr.

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